Who we are

Jessica & Tommy

Jessica ​is an Architect and Draftswoman, she works on the details. She has worked on large and small scale commercial and residential projects for well renowned architectural offices in Germany and the UK, where she has been an essential part of projects built to high specification.

Tommy​ is a Cabinet Maker and Engineer, he is the maker. He combines the precision and function of engineering with traditional cabinet making skills resulting in functional, long-lasting and beautiful furniture.

What drives us

“Working with people that share our passion for well designed, high quality and functional solutions to everyday problems.”

What we do

Objects & Spaces

We design and make well designed and precisely crafted objects and spaces. Great quality always start with the right materials. Our designs utilise and complement the materials we choose, they are long lasting, sustainable and stand the wear and tear of regular use.

You don't just see a well designed object or space, you feel it, sense it, or even better you don't have to encounter those small daily annoyances of bad design. For us, form follows function and often the best solution is the most simple one. We concentrate on the details so you don't have to. Have an idea? Get in touch and see what we can do.

  • Commercial & domestic interiors
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Small scale architecture

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